Miro Svolik is the one artist who reinvents himself artistically every several years with each incarnation being as strong as the ones before them. This began with a series he did at Famu called "My life as a human being," which was a narrative series of images shot from the tops of apartment buildings into the parking lots below. To be seen in the image, the models had to lie down on the cement, turn sideways and pretend to walk or fly. In this way he created whimsical and humorous low-level ariel photographs which were pre-flattened for the camera and had compositional elements drawn in with powder or painted with water. In his next series he worked with acrobats in the landscape, often with parts of their bodies extending beyond the frame. Sometimes the shapes of hills or rivers in the landscape are interpreted as a fish, a bird or a person. When it suits him, Svolik feels free to rip out the center of the print and throw it away-all is in service to his unique imagination. He seems to see no division between reality and a dream state. His work has the same charm and fresh simplicity as Duane Michals-it makes you wonder, "Why is it I never thought of that?"