"I live in two worlds. One is real and the second is an alternative created from the negative of bad qualities of the real world. The second one is of higher value for me. It is my mirror or my picture. It is changing by the incessant self-control, it is developing. I am closing myself into this world little by little, maybe voluntarily, maybe out of necessity, because this world is better and more perfect than the real one. It is not pragmatic, logical, intolerant or superficial. There is nothing to explain-it is filled with fantasy, absurd situations and play. Sometimes it is determined by the real world, then also violence and evil can appear in it. I use it as a mirror of the real world. I discover it slowly, it is impossible to discover it all at once. When I find something, soon it is changed. It is an exciting adventure. It is a little bit transcendent-I discover strange situations, surreal pictures, unexpected relationships. Sometimes it is an idea, a sudden gleam, another time it is just a feeling. Sometimes it is built up like a mosaic into an inexplicable picture that can only be perceived by the subconscious. Sometimes I mediate something from it, but the most beautiful pictures I have in my head. This world has been developing continuously, something from it remains forever, something changes all the time. It shows me the way. My existence has become a motion between my world and the real world. It is the motion between sky and earth. More and more often I find myself just in my own world feeling intuitively that I do not belong in the real world anymore. I do not know whether I shall ever return"

--Pavel Pecha


Called Intuitive Theatre, 91 pages, published 2001, Softcover, Essays by Simona Labadyova and Elena Ursinyova, poetry by Pavel Reznicek
Essays in Slovak and English, poetry in Slovak
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